Pilgrimage Guardian

Title: Pilgrimage Guardian Level: Intro Type: Escort Contract Writer: Radiant Ascendancy Location: Luminara Pilgrimage Center Reward: $10,000 HD + Blessed Talisman Skill Points: 10,000 Standing: +0.1 Class: Open Status: Open Description: The Radiant Ascendancy, a bastion of spiritual enlightenment, seeks guardians for a sacred pilgrimage. Your mission is to ensure the safety and guidance of Most Esteemed Reverend Dr. Rylion Keed and party traveling to our holiest site, the Temple of Radiant Light. By protecting their spiritual journey, you contribute to the spreading of divine wisdom and enlightenment. Join us in this sacred mission. Conditions: 1. Escort Dr. Rylion Keed and party on their journey to the Temple of Radiant Light. 2. Ensure the safety of Dr. Rylion Keed and party throughout the pilgrimage. 3. Facilitate religious rituals and ceremonies along the way. 4. Safeguard sacred artifacts and relics carried by Dr. Rylion Keed and party. Notes: Embrace the solemnity and devotion o

Imperial Relic Retrieval

Title: Imperial Relic Retrieval Level: Intro Type: Retrieve Contract Writer: Imperial Republic of the Dashan Emperor Location: Bistia Commons Reward: 10,000 Credits + Imperial Antique Relic Skill Points: 10,000 Standing: +0.1 with Imperial Republic of the Dashan Emperor Class: Open Status: Open Description: The Imperial Republic of the Dashan Emperor requires the services of skilled relic retrievers to recover a priceless Imperial Antique Relic that has been stolen and must be returned to its rightful place within the Imperial Palace. Conditions: 1. Travel to Bistia Commons, the capital city of the Imperial Republic, to receive mission details and acquire your Imperial Seal Identification. 2. Investigate the theft of the Imperial Antique Relic and identify its current location. 3. Infiltrate the location discreetly and recover the relic without triggering alarms or causing damage. 4. Be prepared to overcome any security measures and obstacles encountered during the mission. 5. Safeguar

Entertainment Exposition Security

Title: Entertainment Exposition Security Level: Intro Type: Security Contract Writer: Casino Location: Casino City Reward: 10,000 Credits + Personal Holographic Entertainment Device Skill Points: 10,000 Standing: +0.1 with Casino Class: Open Status: Open Description: Casino, the pinnacle of entertainment and luxury, seeks a vigilant security contractor to ensure the safety and smooth operation of an upcoming Entertainment Exposition in Casino City. This event is of paramount importance to our starnation's reputation as a premier entertainment destination. Your role will be to maintain order, protect attendees, and safeguard valuable exhibits and technologies. Conditions: 1. Report to Casino City and establish your base of operations within our secure event headquarters. 2. Oversee crowd control, ensuring the safety of all visitors and exhibitors. 3. Conduct security sweeps to identify and neutralize any potential threats or disturbances. 4. Respond to emergencies and coordinate wit

Eco-Exploration and Biodiversity Survey

Title: Eco-Exploration and Biodiversity Survey Level: Intro Type: Exploration Contract Writer: Forests of Jhargettia Location: Harmonia Reward: 10,000 Credits + Advanced Environmental Scanner Skill Points: 10,000 Standing: +0.1 with Forests of Jhargettia Class: Open Status: Open Description: The Forests of Jhargettia invites intrepid explorers to embark on an Eco-Exploration and Biodiversity Survey across our lush and biodiverse planetary landscapes. Your mission is to venture into our pristine forests, observe the local flora and fauna, and document your findings to aid in the ongoing conservation efforts of our starnation. Conditions: 1. Travel to Harmonia, the capital city of the Forests of Jhargettia, to receive mission details and collect your Advanced Environmental Scanner. 2. Explore designated forest regions on multiple planets within our starnation. 3. Document and catalog plant and animal species, including their habitats and behaviors. 4. Report any unusual ecological phenom

Covert Asset Extraction

Title: Covert Asset Extraction Level: Intro Type: Rescue Contract Writer: Gloryside Cartel Location: E Nabsbisen Reward: 10,000 Credits + Prototype Stealth Cloak Skill Points: 10,000 Standing: +0.1 with Gloryside Cartel Class: Open Status: Open Description: The Gloryside Cartel requires the specialized skills of individuals to undertake a Covert Asset Extraction mission. Your mission is to infiltrate a high-security facility and rescue a Cartel operative who has been captured by rival factions. Discretion and success are of utmost importance. Conditions: 1. Travel to E Nabsbisen, the hidden capital city of the Gloryside Cartel, to receive mission details and acquire your Prototype Stealth Cloak. 2. Infiltrate the rival faction's compound and locate the captured operative. 3. Extract the operative discreetly and without raising alarms. 4. Evade or neutralize any security personnel or obstacles in your path. 5. Ensure the operative's safe return to E Nabsbisen for debriefing. Not

Corporate Asset Recovery

Title: Corporate Asset Recovery Level: Intro Type: Salvage Contract Writer: Harlaeha Corporate Holdings Location: Blunshe Reward: 10,000 Credits + Advanced Data Encryption Module Skill Points: 10,000 Standing: +0.1 with Harlaeha Corporate Holdings Class: Open Status: Open Description: Harlaeha Corporate Holdings requires the expertise of skilled salvagers to recover valuable corporate data lost during a recent data breach. Your mission is to retrieve the data from a compromised corporate facility, ensuring that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. Conditions: 1. Travel to Blunshe, the capital city of Harlaeha Corporate Holdings, to receive mission details and acquire your Advanced Data Encryption Module. 2. Infiltrate the compromised corporate facility discreetly and locate the data storage servers. 3. Extract the corporate data securely and without triggering alarms. 4. Be prepared to bypass security measures and counter any obstacles encountered during the missio

Commerce Routes Survey

Title: Commerce Routes Survey Level: Intro Type: Survey Contract Writer: Alliance of Commerce Location: Mercantis Reward: 10,000 Credits + Basic Exploration Scanner Module Skill Points: 10,000 Standing: +0.1 with Alliance of Commerce Class: Open Status: Open Description: The Alliance of Commerce seeks a reliable pilot to conduct a survey of potential commerce routes in the Mercantis region. Our starnation's economic interests rely on the efficient transportation of goods and resources. Your task is to explore and document any uncharted hyperspace routes, asteroid fields, or potential hazards that might affect our trade routes. This information will help us optimize our trade network and maintain our competitive edge. Conditions:  1. Depart from Mercantis and conduct a thorough survey of the designated region. 2. Record the coordinates of any new hyperspace routes or hazards you discover. 3. Return to Mercantis and deliver your survey data to the Alliance of Commerce's Trade Cou