Pilgrimage Guardian

Title: Pilgrimage Guardian

Level: Intro

Type: Escort

Contract Writer: Radiant Ascendancy

Location: Luminara Pilgrimage Center

Reward: $10,000 HD + Blessed Talisman

Skill Points: 10,000

Standing: +0.1

Class: Open

Status: Open

Description: The Radiant Ascendancy, a bastion of spiritual enlightenment, seeks guardians for a sacred pilgrimage. Your mission is to ensure the safety and guidance of Most Esteemed Reverend Dr. Rylion Keed and party traveling to our holiest site, the Temple of Radiant Light. By protecting their spiritual journey, you contribute to the spreading of divine wisdom and enlightenment. Join us in this sacred mission.


1. Escort Dr. Rylion Keed and party on their journey to the Temple of Radiant Light.

2. Ensure the safety of Dr. Rylion Keed and party throughout the pilgrimage.

3. Facilitate religious rituals and ceremonies along the way.

4. Safeguard sacred artifacts and relics carried by Dr. Rylion Keed and party.

Notes: Embrace the solemnity and devotion of the pilgrimage. Be vigilant against any threats or disruptions to the spiritual journey. Familiarize yourself with religious customs and rituals. The Celestial Guard, our revered military order, may provide assistance during the pilgrimage. Successful completion of this contract will enhance your standing with the Radiant Ascendancy and contribute to the spiritual growth of the galaxy.

Maf: Starfleet Battles