Eco-Exploration and Biodiversity Survey

Title: Eco-Exploration and Biodiversity Survey

Level: Intro

Type: Exploration

Contract Writer: Forests of Jhargettia

Location: Harmonia

Reward: 10,000 Credits + Advanced Environmental Scanner

Skill Points: 10,000

Standing: +0.1 with Forests of Jhargettia

Class: Open

Status: Open

Description: The Forests of Jhargettia invites intrepid explorers to embark on an Eco-Exploration and Biodiversity Survey across our lush and biodiverse planetary landscapes. Your mission is to venture into our pristine forests, observe the local flora and fauna, and document your findings to aid in the ongoing conservation efforts of our starnation.


1. Travel to Harmonia, the capital city of the Forests of Jhargettia, to receive mission details and collect your Advanced Environmental Scanner.

2. Explore designated forest regions on multiple planets within our starnation.

3. Document and catalog plant and animal species, including their habitats and behaviors.

4. Report any unusual ecological phenomena or potential threats to our planetary ecosystems.

5. Share your findings with our ecological research teams upon your return to Harmonia.

Notes: This mission aligns with our deep commitment to environmental conservation and the protection of our natural habitats. Your observations and data will contribute to the preservation of our biodiverse ecosystems. Exercise care and respect for the delicate balance of nature during your exploration. The Advanced Environmental Scanner will assist you in your survey efforts. Your dedication to the harmony between sentient beings and the natural world is greatly appreciated, eco-explorer.

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