Imperial Relic Retrieval

Title: Imperial Relic Retrieval

Level: Intro

Type: Retrieve

Contract Writer: Imperial Republic of the Dashan Emperor

Location: Bistia Commons

Reward: 10,000 Credits + Imperial Antique Relic

Skill Points: 10,000

Standing: +0.1 with Imperial Republic of the Dashan Emperor

Class: Open

Status: Open

Description: The Imperial Republic of the Dashan Emperor requires the services of skilled relic retrievers to recover a priceless Imperial Antique Relic that has been stolen and must be returned to its rightful place within the Imperial Palace.


1. Travel to Bistia Commons, the capital city of the Imperial Republic, to receive mission details and acquire your Imperial Seal Identification.

2. Investigate the theft of the Imperial Antique Relic and identify its current location.

3. Infiltrate the location discreetly and recover the relic without triggering alarms or causing damage.

4. Be prepared to overcome any security measures and obstacles encountered during the mission.

5. Safeguard the retrieved relic and deliver it to the Imperial Palace in Bistia Commons.

Notes: This mission is of utmost importance to the Imperial Republic, and the Imperial Antique Relic holds great historical and cultural significance. The Imperial Seal Identification will grant you access to restricted areas. Your success in this mission is crucial to maintaining the realm's traditions and cultural heritage. Proceed with caution and ensure the safe retrieval of the Imperial Antique Relic, relic retriever.

Maf: Starfleet Battles