Commerce Routes Survey

Title: Commerce Routes Survey

Level: Intro

Type: Survey

Contract Writer: Alliance of Commerce

Location: Mercantis

Reward: 10,000 Credits + Basic Exploration Scanner Module

Skill Points: 10,000

Standing: +0.1 with Alliance of Commerce

Class: Open

Status: Open

Description: The Alliance of Commerce seeks a reliable pilot to conduct a survey of potential commerce routes in the Mercantis region. Our starnation's economic interests rely on the efficient transportation of goods and resources. Your task is to explore and document any uncharted hyperspace routes, asteroid fields, or potential hazards that might affect our trade routes. This information will help us optimize our trade network and maintain our competitive edge.


1. Depart from Mercantis and conduct a thorough survey of the designated region.

2. Record the coordinates of any new hyperspace routes or hazards you discover.

3. Return to Mercantis and deliver your survey data to the Alliance of Commerce's Trade Council in the capital.

Notes: Expect possible encounters with rival traders, pirate activity, or natural obstacles during your survey. Be prepared to defend yourself if necessary, and ensure your ship is equipped with a functioning hyperspace scanner for accurate data collection. This mission is of utmost importance to our economic stability. Good luck, pilot.

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