Covert Asset Extraction

Title: Covert Asset Extraction

Level: Intro

Type: Rescue

Contract Writer: Gloryside Cartel

Location: E Nabsbisen

Reward: 10,000 Credits + Prototype Stealth Cloak

Skill Points: 10,000

Standing: +0.1 with Gloryside Cartel

Class: Open

Status: Open

Description: The Gloryside Cartel requires the specialized skills of individuals to undertake a Covert Asset Extraction mission. Your mission is to infiltrate a high-security facility and rescue a Cartel operative who has been captured by rival factions. Discretion and success are of utmost importance.


1. Travel to E Nabsbisen, the hidden capital city of the Gloryside Cartel, to receive mission details and acquire your Prototype Stealth Cloak.

2. Infiltrate the rival faction's compound and locate the captured operative.

3. Extract the operative discreetly and without raising alarms.

4. Evade or neutralize any security personnel or obstacles in your path.

5. Ensure the operative's safe return to E Nabsbisen for debriefing.

Notes: This mission requires utmost secrecy and precision. The Prototype Stealth Cloak will aid in your covert operations. The Cartel values discretion and loyalty above all else, and your success in this mission will be greatly rewarded. Proceed with caution and ensure the safe return of our operative, covert agent.

Maf: Starfleet Battles